6 Things About Bounce Houses You Need to Know

While booking inflatable bounce houses for your next case, you should be told about all possible issues that might emerge on your rental day. At Amusements, we wanted to take the first step to build the exclusive list of the top 7 things you need to know about bounce houses. The subjects covered will give you a much better understanding of how we act as a rental company and how we strive tirelessly to make sure your next group is one for the ages. Choosing the Right Bounce House Rental Company | Mental Itch has some nice tips on this.

  1. Which Happens When My Rental Day Rains?

To get the most accurate prediction, our organization would take a close look at the weather forecast only a few days before the case. Extreme wind will make the inflatables unsafe, so we’re going to call on Wednesday before the rental to take the necessary precautions. If we cancel if you find that the party needs to be cancelled, we will be happy to offer you a full refund or you can submit a rain check to be used later.

  1. Does the Set-Up include the 4 Hour Rental?

Hours before your case, our skilled bounce house technicians will arrive to get the inflatables set up for your event. Your rental period of four hours is for the day you’ve booked, meaning you get the maximum four hours of play time. If the day of your rental is busy with our technicians, we will contact you a day earlier and remind you that we may arrive four hours early to set up the inflatables.

  1. After each hire, are the Bounce Houses Cleaned?

The whole crew here at NEO Amusements takes great pride in delivering the industry’s cleanest inflatables. The entire surface is scrubbed and disinfected after each sale, so that they are like new again. Your family and friends should rest assured they will get the very cleanest rentals to play on for their kids.

  1. May we employ you to run the House of Bounce?

We definitely have several staff members on hand who are willing to recruit on your party’s day. We will help the kids in and out of the jump house and make sure they’re aware of the rules so they don’t get hurt inside during their play.

  1. Does the whole house have to be wired into a Bounce House?

Sure, the only way that the bounce house can work is if the blower fills it with air continuously. We provide every inflatable heavy duty cable, meaning that the circuit breaker won’t pop up during your rental.

  1. Can a Bounce House Set-Up Only on Lawn Surface?

While the bounce house is ideal for grass terrain, we can set up the inflatables correctly on gravel, pavement and soil. We won’t place the bounce house on a rock surface because the surface scratching on the rocks would gradually wear through the material right through. We do recommend lawn, because we want the kids to run on a healthy surface outside the bounce house.